Houston Critic Robb Walsh Drops Anonymity; Does Not Care

robb-walshRobb Walsh, restaurant critic for the Houston Press, is dropping his anonymity, claiming that "ethical guidelines shifted in August when Sam Sifton took over as the restaurant critic for the New York Times." We hate to say it, but Restaurant Girl — for once in her life — might have been on to something. Age of the internet! Photographs online! Etcetera! He continues:

But I didn't decide to ditch my anonymity just because everybody else was doing it. The fact is, my job is changing. I was hired as a newspaper restaurant critic and feature writer. Today I am, first and foremost, a blogger. It's a little ludicrous to try and maintain your anonymity while you are photographing your plate. And sometimes you need to identify yourself to get a interview. The time has come to adjust to fit my new job description.


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