Linguistics With Guy Fieri on The Late Show with David Letterman

fieri-linguisticsLast night David Letterman prodded Guy Fieri about his vernacular in this funny yet confusing exchange:
Letterman: If something is "downtown," is that better than "money"?
Fieri: I actually have to get the dictionary in Flavortown to get the rundown on that. I think "downtown" is actually on its way to "money."
Letterman: Really? So "downtown" would be under "money." Is "money" the superlative?
Fieri: Yeah, I would say that was on top.

Video: Linguistics With Guy Fieri

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  1. The place that Dave was asking about that has the sandwich with a grilled cheese for each bun? That is the Comet Cafe in Milwaukee; on Triple D about 6 months ago. The Comet is the place that sets out baskets of bacon on each table on Sunday nights! The sandwich is call the Akeemo(sp?). It's not on the menu but they'll make it for you. It took four of us to eat it.

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