Linksplodge 11/02/09


  • Above, Moustache salt and pepper shaker, $28 on Etsy. Seven available. Buy buy buy! [via Design Milk]
  • New Scientist on the ecological "pawprint" of pets. Make sure to see the chart of "land guzzlers": A medium-sized dog has a bigger footprint than a Toyota Land Cruiser.
  • City Winery / Wired Wine Tasting Event, November 8th, ickily-named: Spit & Twit: "participants will be able to ‘tweet’ their tasting notes and thoughts. The tweet-feed will be simultaneously broadcast locally and globally to the online community."
  • What a Russian billionaire's $47,000 dining tab looks like.
  • Epic food porn: Luxirare gets their hands on some black truffles.


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  1. One for your next Linksplodge - it's British Sausage Week in the UK - more details here on this crumby site featuring magician and 'entertainer' Paul Daniels

    And a nice sausage recipe here (shameless plug):


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