Linksplodge 11/09/09


  • Above, the Yelp Elite Metal Lunchbox and Thermos. Tagline: "In the future, everything will be reviewed."
  • Eater PDX already getting getting into trouble: Runs a photo of an anonymous Portland food critic, and then pulls it.
  • Telegraph: Woman diagnosed with fear of vegetables [via Dangerous Minds]
  • Publishers Weekly drops an early "The Best Food Books of 2009" list with categories like "Best reason to get flour all over the kitchen" and "Best virtual trip to the Big Easy."
  • The Food Section: Sur La Table selling antique French pots, pans, and tools.
  • Conservatives are not happy about Michelle Obama being on the Food Network's Iron Chef America: "The problem is, the Food Network is the last place I expected to see scolds talking about taking away snack from kids and making them broccoli. This is the place that celebrates pork fat, butter and sugar. It’s a haven from the Food Nazis who want us all to live on a diet of rice cakes and rain water." [via @ObamaFoodorama]


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