Linksplodge 11/16/09


  • Surprise: Wine reviews are bullshit.
  • PopEater interviews Guy Fieri. He's angling to get on SNL: "I have skit ideas. I know people who work at 'Saturday Night Live' and I've passed along to them, "Please tell Bobby I've got some ideas!" Either with me being involved or not involved, I have some that I think would be a riot."
  • Fork in the Road interviews Tom Mylan on why butchery is hip now: "[T]he only thing I can think of is that, in 90s, everyone was a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian. The 90s were like: vegetarian, indie rock, beautiful genius. And then we had the Bush years, and I don't even know what to say about that. We had an end-of-history moment. And now it's snapping back in the other direction. People do want to eat meat, but they want to take ownership of that, and find out where it comes from."
  • The Ulterior Epicure hits up Eleven Madison Park.


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