Linksplodge 11/17/09


  • Above: The cover of a 1926 Jell-O booklet.
  • What's it like trying to shop for groceries when Top Chef Masters is being filmed in your local Whole Foods? According to Matthew Segal of LA Mag, not so fun.
  • Chipotle is opening a store in London, but apparently burritos are a hot new thing in the UK: Oliver Thring writes that burriots are "strikingly well-suited to modern Britain, with our time-is-short, on-the-hoof, cutlery-spurning, three-minute-wolfing ways."
  • In the next installment of GQ's Momofuku blog, Dave Chang and Peter Meehan post a video of them being cranky.

  • Tom Mylan on Guy Fieri: "I went through this period when I was like: Emeril, fuck him. Fucking kill Guy Fieri, with his frosted tips, his dumb car, his flame shirts. But then I was hungover one day, and there was a Guy Fieri marathon on, and I Stockholm syndromed out. I identified with my captors: Oh yeah, Guy Fieri, you're cool."
  • Gourmet is shuttered and Bon App runs stories like this: "The 5 Biggest Thanksgiving Food Myths Debunked" that includes such "myths" as "Fresh pumpkin is better than canned pumpkin," "The bigger then turkey, the better," and "Stuffing is the same as dressing."
  • Hot Food Porn gets all warm and snuggly and lists "some of the cooking related things that make me smile."
  • WSJ video about Eric Ripert and his nose.
  • Eater NY: Brooklyn Chef Goes Ballistic, Throws Live Lobster on Patrons


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  1. Burritos are definately becoming more popular over here in London, but Chipotle is going to have a fight on it's hands against Benito's Hat.

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