Linksplodge 11/23/09


  • Every website today linked to this boring video of Paula Deen getting hit by a ham.
  • David Lebovitz on french sugars.
  • NYT op-ed: Corporate chocolate is, of course, bad.
  • Diner's Journal: On Thanksgiving Day, 1947, there was no pumpkin pie at the White House.
  • New York Times: Michiko Kakutani's review of Jonathan Safran Foer's Eating Animals has a bizarre closing paragraph.
  • Sushi DNA tests, for the umpteenth time, reveal fraud.
  • Art Smith, (Oprah's chef, he will remind you) lands a TV show, Craving Comfort with Art Smith.
  • A British company is selling a device that humanely (?) electrocutes lobsters for ┬ú2,500.
  • Jay Rayner's restaurant reviews are dependable: On the "development chef," John Burton-Race of Harvey's of Ramsgate: "I don't like him. I would rather eat my own feet than have anything to do with him, and my feet are really horrible. I detest him because he and I once spent a night in a Manchester bar, during which I had to listen to his views on women, how to raise children, and what growing up in Africa was like, opinions which were not likely to win him friends any day soon."


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