Linksplodge 11/30/09


  • Above, landmine ketchup packets by Publicis Mojo.
  • From a WSJ story on bagel cutters: "Chicken-related injuries (3,463) led the category, but recorded bagel injuries were otherwise exceeded only by potato, apple and onion injuries"
  • Wikipedia on Controversial doughnut-related items.
  • Will Self has been reviewing fast food locations for the New Statesman. This time it was KFC. It starts: "Chicken, chicken! Every place I go there is chicken, every step I take, wishbones and drumsticks crunch beneath my soles, while the blisters in battered old chicken skin crepitate eerily."

  • BBC video: The price of garlic bulbs has tripled in just eight months in China, with global prices likely to rise as a result.
  • GMA video: Massachusetts family of six lives off $4/week for food. [via Gawker TV]
  • Fast Food Maven visits the the world's most unique McDonald's in Orlanda that serves up eight variations of pizza (including Tuscan Sausage), “gourmet” sandwiches (meatball parmesan), grilled paninis (bacon chicken on a ciabatta roll), and more.
  • Eater: Padma and Daniel Boulud on Jimmy Fallon.


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