Linksplodge 11/04/09


Photo: "Sixteen raw sausages in a wooden bowl" by Salim Fadhley

  • The Ragbag posts the above photos and asks: "Is this art or a photo for a wikipædia article? If a wikipædia article, is it a comment on vegetarianism?"
  • In honor of McDonald's leaving Iceland, Vice takes their half-Icelandic VBS UK producer out for a a traditional Icelandic burger wake (really just four McDonald’s meals): She says, "I’m pleased that Icelandic kids can’t eat this shit any more, they’ll be the only fit children on Earth."
  • The Telegraph has a long and frank interview with Gordon Ramsay.
  • Jeremy Piven stopped drinking soy milk because he "started to grow breasts." [via Daily Intel]


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  1. Hi, I took that photo, No comment was ever intended, especially not about vegetarianism.

    Sadly the pigs which were ground up to make those sausages have long since passed away. Evolution cursed them with meat that was so tasty. Humans selected and bred for even more tastiness, thus increasing the reproductive fitness of the pig. The success of porcine DNA is therefore the bane of every pig's short life.

  2. What?

    there is no tradional icelandic hamuber , tradional icleandic food is called þorramatur and hamburger is not a part of it

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