Masterchef With Gordon Ramsay Coming to the US

masterchef-logoFox announced it's going to be developing an American version of the television series Masterchef with Gordon Ramsay, a sort of American Idol cooking show, in which amateurs compete to become the, er, "Master Chef" Variety reports. This follows the recent news that Gordon Ramsay won't be doing any more episodes of Kitchen Nightmares because he kept getting sued by restaurateurs. Ramsay will be co-producing Masterchef and will "have an on-air role on the show," but it's not exactly clear if he'll be an actual judge on the show.

The Masterchef format comes from England, having originally aired on the BBC way back in 1990, and since then permutations have included Junior Masterchef for kids, Masterchef: The Professionals for working chefs, and Celebrity Masterchef for B- and C-list celebrities. The US version will stick more closely to the Australian edition that premiered this year and turned out to be a ratings blockbuster. (It was such a hit that fans even made a World of Warcraft machinima homage.) The American version is expected to be 12-15 hour-long episodes, in contrast to the Australian version which aired six nights a week, for two and half months(!), for a total of 66 episodes and 10 final episodes.

Here are a bunch of videos of Masterchef from Australia so you can get the idea:

Video: Masterchef Australia, Promo & Intro

Video: Masterchef Australia, Episode 66, Part 1

Video: Masterchef Australia, Episode 66, Part 2

Video: Masterchef Australia, Episode 66, Part 3

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Stephen

    Master Chef Australia was a hit? here in nz the consensus is pretty much it sucks, The UK one on the other hand is brilliant.

  2. newmi

    Being a hit and being good are not the same thing Stephen. As for the UK show, since they bought it back it has been a decent enough show but 2 more annoying judges they could not have found, A shouty faced barrow-boy wannabe and a lizard tongued halfwit do not make a good judging panel. This is in contrast to the only watchable (for the food) thread of the current show 'Professional Masterchef' with the superb Michel Roux jr adding credibility to the show which makes the shouty one (greg wallace) a moot point.

  3. Sparky

    I have just finsished watching this aweful display of Masterchef Australia in NZ. How the hell it is a HIT in Australia, dosen't say much about the Aussies. It certainly wasn't a Masterchef who won. Gawd forbid! Give me Greg and John anytime over the little fat bald head Judge from Australia.

    Masterchef UK, just fantastic. Much better standard of contestant. Newmi you must be related to Channel 10. or have know idea of cooking.

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