NBC Orders New Restaurant Reality Show: United Plates of America


United Plates of America by Alan Holcombe.

NBC greenlit a pilot for a new culinary restaurant reality show from Magical Elves, the producers Top Chef. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the prize is "among the biggest in reality show history," the winner receiving a restaurant chain with four locations in various U.S. cities. Contestants will have to impress "a panel of wealthy investors from the cooking and business worlds" with their restaurant concepts, menus, marketability, and management skills.

Tentatively titled United Plates of America, the name will likely change since it's already in use:

  • There's a food show that appears to only have a pilot shot so far: The United Plates of America (Facebook page). The concept: In each episode Chad Kessler and Tati Amare are "introduced to an ethnically diverse relationship through a viewer video submission or a live skype conversation" and then create dishes.
  • Oh and then there's also United Plates of America, a series of real license plates that are hand-cut into shapes of the states by artist Alan Holcombe.

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