The Best Frozen Turkey Bowling Videos [you're doing it right]


Thanksgiving's kind of boring, don't you think? It's just food, and football, and naps. Snooze. Well, this Thanksgiving we here at EMD are thankful (yow!) someone had the genius idea take a frozen turkey and knock over some soda bottles with it. Originating in the aisle of a grocery store, turkey bowling mimics traditional bowling (although the turkey doesn't roll so much as slide). Simply roasting a turkey just isn't enough for us anymore, okay?

Happy Thanksgiving! Here are EMD’s favorite turkey bowling videos, including one of George W Bush doing it back when he was governor of Texas:


Video: Getting Busted at Safeway


8: Derrick Johnson on The Arsenio Hall Show


7: Turkey Bowling at Wal-Mart Distribution Center


6: Frozen Turkey Bowling Dressed as Pilgrims and Indians


5: Bowling With Real Pins


4: Live Idaho Illegal Turkey Bowling Tournament


3: College Humor Editors Turkey Bowling


2: President George W Bush Turkey Bowling

This was back when GWB was governor of Texas. Note that the announcer says, "This will be the death of any thoughts this man ever had of being president."


1: Frozen Turkey Bowling from 10 Items or Less

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Bonus Video: Turkey Bowling PSA from 10 Items or Less


—Cammie Nguyen

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