'Office Snack Gourmet' by Emilie Baltz [food art]


Twinkie Napoleon

"Office Snack Gourmet" is a series of recipes "designed to turn even the most disgusting of office snacks into delicious gourmet meals" by photographer/designer Emilie Baltz. Her name might be familiar: Back in June, she participated in the Jell-O Mold Competition in Brooklyn (her piece was a "life mold" of a right breast). Fascinated by the snack project, we got in touch with Emilie to get some more information:


3 Cheese Chilequiles.

Eat Me Daily: Was taste or the visual your primary concern in this project, or did they weigh equally?

Emilie Baltz: I weighed both equally when designing the recipes. Seeing as it's all junk food, I do admit that the visual appeal is inherently going to take precedent to taste, but I did carefully consider texture and taste with the combinations. The Twinkie Napoleon is a great example — a pâte feuilletée has such a lovely crisp, buttery-not-too-sweet crackle to it. The addition of finely ground potato chips to the reconstituted Twinkie dough made for not only a similar taste, but also a familiar texture experience.

EMD: So you made all of these at your office?

I actually prepared all this as a "meal" for a guest who had no idea it was all junk food and loved it. Sneaky....

EMD: You work as a graphic designer, right? And not in food?

Yes, I work as a designer (and a photographer — that was my first life, then I got a degree in Industrial Design), not a chef — so visuals are important to me. All of these were made in an office with no proper kitchen tools.

EMD: Hate to ask, but the inevitable comparison to Fancy Fast Food will be made... Were you aware of the site when you did you project?

I was not aware of the Fancy Fast Food upon making these (sadly!) but they were designed specifically for the Core 77 Hack To Work Guide, so the point was to more to raid your office pantry and create delicious (free!) snacks/meals that not only lift the spirit but, in time of recession, are budget friendly.

—Raphael Brion

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