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Emmanuel DelCour Admits to His Porn Star Past on Chef Academy [video]

After Bravo shamelessly promoted Emmanuel DelCour's porn star past on Chef Academy, the moment of the big reveal last night was not nearly as saucy as it had been teased to be. In fact, things turned a little creepy when Kyle Kupiszewski, the submarine chef, clinks his drink and cheers, "To a possible gang bang."

Amazon's Search for the Best Food Book Cover of 2009

Amazon is holding their annual Best Book Covers of 2009 (you need an Amazon account to vote). In the "Cooking, Food, and Wine" category:
Ad Hoc at Home by Thomas Keller, designed by Leve
Momofuku by David Chang and Peter Meehan, designed by Marysarah Quinn
Fat of the Land by Langdon Cook, designed by Mayumi Thompson
Ratio by Michael [...]

PETA Shows How to Ruin Thanksgiving

It's rather easy to ruin Thanksgiving for all those cold-hearted carnivores: Just get all sanctimonious and bum everyone out. In this PETA commercial, a charming little girl ambushes her family while saying grace, telling them about turkeys being "killed by people who think it's fun to stomp on their little turkey heads." For more controversy, [...]

Thanksgiving Day Dinner Dog Food

Get the dog involved in the festivities with Merrick Thanksgiving Day Dinner Dog Food! 12 cans for $21.99 on Amazon. The description: "The house is filled with love and the wonderful smells of Thanksgiving infiltrate the air. Could it get any better as you fill your plate with juicy slices of turkey and all the [...]

Linksplodge 11/23/09

Photograph of a vintage tin. [via ffffound]
Salon's Food Section with Francis Lam launches.
Slideshow from Business Insider: How Your Thanksgiving Turkey Gets Made.
Insanewiches: The Inbetweener: a waffle grilled cheese sandwich topped with chocolate and strawberry syrup.
Cooking Issues investigates pressure-cooked stocks. Turns out different pressure cookers deliver different results (the ones at FCI were no good).
NYT Magazine [...]

The Magic Cheezburger Provides a Window into the Future

From the people that brought you the legendary I Can Has Cheezburger comes The Magic Cheezburger, a Magic 8 Ball but in cheeseburger form that gives answers in LOLspeak (sample: "U CAN HAS"). $14.99 at the LOLmart. Here's a video of it in action:

CBS News Sunday Morning Food Special ADHD Edition

CBS Sunday Morning aired their annual "Food Issue," and they managed to cram a lot into an hour and a half: Sliders, Judith Jones, Alton Brown, mac n cheese, pie for life, Mexican hot dogs, and more. All of the available videos are embedded below.

Sweet Treats: A Typographical Cookbook

Left: Toothsome Typeface Tart. Right: Knockout Hot Chocolate. View larger.
This looks nice: the Sweet Treats, a typographical cookbook by Woodward Design.
Each is hand-numbered from a limited edition of 500. You can see a full preview on Issuu and can buy it at Etsy for $20.

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