PETA Shows How to Ruin Thanksgiving

peta-graceIt's rather easy to ruin Thanksgiving for all those cold-hearted carnivores: Just get all sanctimonious and bum everyone out. In this PETA commercial, a charming little girl ambushes her family while saying grace, telling them about turkeys being "killed by people who think it's fun to stomp on their little turkey heads." For more controversy, NBC declined to run this commercial during the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Video: PETA: "Grace"

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—Raphael Brion

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  1. I just love being accused of being a barbarian full of blood lust, simply because I happen to enjoy one of life's simple pleasures - turkey on Thanksgiving.

    Thanks PETA. Now bugger off - I have meat to eat. Enjoy your vegetables.

  2. 10001

    That little girl is so being sent to her room

  3. Although I do eat organic meat if any, I just hate that PETA feels that the way to educate and change policy is to bully, badger and induce guilt. You win nothing when you take to such extremes.

  4. Jay

    Killing an animal and picking a vegetable are no different. Reducing ecology and our relationship with our natural resource use down to what does and doesn't have a spinal cord is simply silly.
    It does however raise a lot of money from the ecologically illiterate and the gullible.

    In the meantime, the attention seeking of the animal protest industry is white noise in a very necessary debate on current food production systems.

  5. Moira

    PETA makes it very hard on those of us who agree with their larger principle of the humane treament of animals. Like the little girl, they have chosen the wrong venue and format for their argument, and in the process, they have made it so easy to tell them to leave the table while the adults eat and talk.

  6. Synie

    Eat organic free range turkeys then!

  7. Ian

    I will not eat two turkeys out of spite. Way to go PETA.

  8. Les

    Regardless of what you think of PETA, this is one of the few ways to get their message out. Without the media picking up on things like this, you would never hear of their cause. This way they reach a much larger audience.

    The cruelty we inflict on animals sits pretty uncomfortably with a lot of people, so they would rather not think about it. When they are pointed in that direction, its easier to try to demonize the messenger than actually take heed and research a little about the message.

    There is no doubt that we inflict huge amounts of suffering and pain on animals and justify this by saying we are higher in the food chain, animials do it to each other, etc etc.

    The reality is, we do it because we are selfish and like the taste of meat. Giving it up would mean to do without something most people enjoy, so they would rather not think (or be shown/told) about the reality of their actions.

    Before you just attack organizations like PETA, at least take the time to conduct your own research about the consequences of the meat/poultry/seafood industry. There is plenty of information out there online and in print. Learn about the realities and then see how this sits with your own inner moral
    compass. If you would rather not know, ask yourself why not?

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