Rachael Ray on The Martha Stewart Show Makes for Some Uncomfortable Television [video]

rachael-ray-martha-stewart-showLast Friday Rachael Ray visited The Martha Stewart Show, following Martha Stewart's appearance on The Rachael Ray Show the previous day. The setup: Martha showing Rachael Ray how to make a pie. And it was all rather awkward! Even though Martha dismissed any animosity or feud, she had a hard time being nice, coming off a little cold and unfriendly, cutting Rachael off a bunch of times. Also, Martha showed a distinct lack of knowledge about her guest, pronouncing Rachael's trademark acronym EVOO "eevoo." After Rachael refers to cutout dough as "dudes," Martha responds, "I'm just afraid I'll pick up those habits from you... If I start calling my pastry 'dudes,' then you know what guys, sew up my mouth." A sample exchange:

Martha: Puffy's having his birthday party next week... and I got an invitation. Did you?
Rachael: No I didn't...
Martha: ....All those rappers are cute. Don't you think?
Rachael: I think they're all pretty darned cute. The ones that have come by my show... but it didn't get me invited to anyone's birthday party.
Martha: I think I have something on you. They like me for my wherewithal.

There's really no good way to edit this down, so here's the whole seventeen minutes, uncut:

Video: Rachael Ray on The Martha Stewart Show Part 1 (12 min)

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Video: Rachael Ray on The Martha Stewart Show Part 2 (5 min)

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—Raphael Brion

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  1. maxpickle

    "Today on the Martha Stewart show Martha demonstrates the perfect pie crust, and passive-aggressive behavior..."

  2. Raymond

    Both of these women are so obnoxious why would anyone want to see either one of them do anything alone or together. I go out of my way to avoid seeing them.

  3. When did "wherewithal" replace "badonkadunk" in the Urban Dictionary?

  4. awesome

    Martha does that to all of her guests. It's the best part of the show. Thanks for posting...it's like comedy during the morning hours.

  5. deedly

    @awesome: I agree. I love watching Martha 'cause that heffa can decorate and some of her cooking segments are helpful but she is soooo condescending. It's gets annoying after five minutes.

  6. Anna

    I actually feel bad for Rachel Ray here, except she's such a dunce. And it speaks volumes that she has multiple cooking shows, books and she wants to open a restaurant and yet the admission, "I've never made a pie."

  7. Jon

    What Rachel should have said:

    "Did you make those rapper connections in prison, Martha?"

  8. Michelle

    Yes, it's true. This is just typical Martha. I do love her show and magazines, with all of the brilliant people working for her, but it does get embarrassing how rude and condescending she is with her guests. Oh well, I take the good with the bad. Really she is this way with most everyone and she just doesn't have a clue. Nobody is perfect, that is why people hate her I suppose. I don't have to love her personality to love what she has created and what she and her employees do. Did you know she has almost 2 million followers on Twitter?

  9. bellytree

    i LOVE martha!!!! condescending and all!!!! i think she totally owned racheal ray...and i love it!

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