Seven Fires' New, Less-Brown Cover


Old (left) and new (right).

Francis Mallmann and Peter Kaminsky's Seven Fires (Amazon) won the inaugural Piglet cookbook competition (whoops, spoiler, sorry), and at last night's party we noticed that the hardcover cookbook has graduated to a new cover. Brown gives way to white! Mallmann standing gives way to Mallmann sitting! Center alignment gives way to left and right justification! A Raichlen blurb gives way to one-worders from major dailies! Last night Kaminsky told us that he was pulling for the photograph of Una Vaca Entera to land the cover — pretty as this new one is, we're pretty sure the silhouette of a whole cow being raised on stakes against a rising sun would have been significantly more showstopping.



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  1. DBSweeney

    All lowercase on the new cover!

    This is fun. It's like a Highlights Spot The Difference page.

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