'The Bacon Show' at the Mew Gallery in Philadelphia


"Mona Bacon," Mike Geno.

Bacon makes the big time with its own dedicated art show: Currently on display at the Mew Gallery in Philadelphia is "The Bacon Show," a group exhibit curated by Mike Geno (previously interviewed here on EMD). The exhibition, a celebration of "the glory of bacon in all its sizzling, savory goodness," brings together fine art painting, prints, photography, drawings, and inexpensive crafts (bacon soap art, magnets, etc). The show includes Mike Geno's "Mona Bacon" (right) — archival prints are available from $35-$65. The website Meat Artist has more photos of the exhibit.

"The Bacon Show" runs through December 17th at the Mew Gallery, 906 Christian Street Philadelphia, PA 19147.

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  1. Moira

    This is the sort of food crime that should be prosecuted in the Food Courts.

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