The Commercials Miracle Whip Aired During The Colbert Report [video]


In response to Stephen Colbert's merciless mocking of their campaign, on Thursday Miracle Whip ran newspaper ads threatening to "dominate the airspace" on his show to expose his viewers to "hardcore Miracle Whip attitude and revelry."

And indeed they did! During Thursday night's episode of The Colbert Report, Miracle Whip ran three new commercials that reworked footage of hipsters partying on a roof, directly needling Colbert. From one of them: "To Stephen Colbert, mayo-lover, an invitation to come over to the other side. Where all is sweet and tangy. Come on Stephen, doesn't this roof look fun?" As a form of meta-advertising, it really requires viewers to be in on the joke, and sure it's generated some buzz, but will it really make people want to give up mayonnaise?

Colbert, at the opening of the show, thanks Miracle Whip, saying, "I could certainly use the money to buy more delicious mayonnaise."

Video: Stephen Colbert Responds

Video: Miracle Whip Colbert Commercial 1

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Video: Miracle Whip Colbert Commercial 2

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Video: Miracle Whip Colbert Commercial 3

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—Raphael Brion

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  1. Works for Colbert, but this could get old VERY soon.

  2. Double D

    I hate Miracle Whip and their dopey commercials. Everyone knows you can't enjoy a sandwich without MAYO... and Mr. Colbert.

  3. Marcus

    LOL... Smart job by the PR peeps. The voice overs cost next to nothing to do and they'll get much more publicity for this stunt than just the regular commercial.

  4. Agree with Marcus -- and frankly, when I saw the ad in metro NY, I smelled "paid placement PR stunt" from the get go. It wouldn't shock me if the Colbert "attack" from the beginning was a shill.

    Then again, perhaps I'm a jaded marketer :)

  5. Jeff

    Kind of Lame. The two need to co-exist because Mayo is necessary for things like Deviled eggs, where using Miracle Whip would make it taste funny. Mayo is a condiment and Miracle Whip is a salad dressing. And besides.. doesn't craft make both? And really only the only difference between the two is that MW contains High Fructose Corn Syrup and some spices, Way to bend over for the Corn Lobby Mr. Kraft. Yay Obesity!

  6. Jim

    It could be a shelf space power play. The puss packs of MW do seem larger lately at the local deli. Could Kraft be changing the formula of the Mayo with less eggs so they have more for making H1N15 vacine? Steven may be fighting Homeland Security
    about this, unaware the nation needs more eggs to survive. Kraft, and the Palin Democrats in that roof partay are doing their patriotic best espousing high fructose corn syrup consumption. What does Levi use on his hoagies?

  7. Byron

    I liked the miracle whip commercials. There's a ton of boring ads out there, and I'm glad they did something fun with it.

  8. Boris

    I like to think that the Bold Marketing Team has some sort of self awareness and knows just how lame their commercials are. I mean, come on, "Here's come cool people dancing"? That's gotta be self parody.

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