The Great Canned Pumpkin Shortage of 2009

libbys-pumpkinNow it's really time to panic: An Eggo waffle shortage is one thing, but now there's a canned pumpkin shortage, and right before Thanksgiving? Nestlé, who owns the Libby brand of canned pumpkins, announced today that it might not have enough pumpkin to satisfy demand, blaming pumpkin scarcity on things like "soggy fields" and "fungus." Sounds suspiciously like a marketing strategy to drum up sales. Either way, pumpkin waffles are such a luxury right now!

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  1. Head to the farmers' market....butternut squash is a great substitute. You can just roast it in the oven and use it the same was as you would the canned stuff.

  2. Katie

    This isn't a ploy. I grow pumpkins myself and make my pies the old fashioned way. This year my pumpkins were awful. I lost most of them to mold early on. Out of all my vines only 2 pumpkins survived. I was so disappointed. Hopefully the crop will be better next year.

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