The Great Eggo Waffle Shortage of 2009


Photograph by polkadotjewel

You may have noticed signs like this in your local grocery store, and it's officially time to panic and start hoarding: there's an Eggo waffle shortage. The scarcity is caused by "September’s floods in the southeastern US, which temporarily closed an Atlanta waffle factory, as well as by equipment problems at the company’s largest waffle plant, in Rossville, Tennessee," a spokeswoman told Bloomberg. Kellogg's plays it down, calling it a "temporary supply disruption," but the waffle shortage is expected to run through the middle of next year. First chicken wings and now waffles? Conspiracy!

—Raphael Brion

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  1. maxpickle

    "leggo my eggo..."

  2. PR

    Fortunately, anyone with a $25 waffle iron doesn't need to worry about this and can still have superior waffles.

  3. Hihi

    It is truly awful. My youngest is Autistic, and the Cinnamon Toast Waffles are one of the only solid foods He'll eat. Suck.

  4. Paula

    God, Hihi, that sucks...isn't there some Aunt Jemima equivalent (or even generic) that you can keep stuffing in an empty box from the freezer? Hope something works out for you...

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