'There's a McDonald's for Everyone' Parody Commercials

mcdonalds-for-everyoneMcDonald's in the UK is running these "McDonald's for Everyone" commercials describing their customers with the cutesy turn-of-phrase "just passing by." The commercial is a ripoff (or homage, your pick) of the Rolf Harris song "The Court of King Caractacus," itself a reworking of a boy scout's campfire song.

Alright. Enter the British comedian/musician Chris Cohen, who alters the McDonald's commercial with a different audio track, described as "the real life version," that's maybe a little critical of its customers (calling them "greedy tw*t bankers, posh city nobs, deranged psycho hags, scraffy young sh*ts," among many others). And it's almost a trend! Cohen's version is the second parody of the commercial we could find — the first was by TheTwistedOmentum. Language, of course, is mildly NSFW:

Video: McDonald's for Everyone - Original

Video: There's a McDonalds for Everyone - Parody

Video: McDonald's for Everyone Parody by TheTwistedOmentum

[via Coldmud]

—Raphael Brion

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