Ticket Giveaway: AIGA/NY's 'The Design of Food Presentation'


Photo: Mitch Feinberg

AIGA/NY's The Design of Food Presentation is coming up on Friday, November 20th, 2009, and it's high on our radar. Part of their second annual food-meets-design event, "Today’s Specials," which explores "the visuals behind our favorite victuals," the evening is hosted by erstwhile New York Times dining critic and man-about-town Frank Bruni, and the panel is promising, bringing together sommelier Andrew Bradbury, photographer Mitch Feinberg, food stylist Victoria Granof, and essayist Tacey A. Rosolowski. Tickets will set you back $20 for AIGA members, $10 for AIGA student members, and $35 for the general public.

Even better: AIGA NY has been generous enough to give us two tickets to give away. Winning is easy: Comment below, linking to your favorite food artist, photographer, website, designer, what have you. Surprise us! If you yourself are an artist or photography, self-promotion (in this case) is okay! We'll randomly pick one comment when the contest ends Wednesday November 11 at noon. Obviously it's helpful to be in the NYC area.

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  1. marco

    My favorite orchestra using only vegetables.

  2. The Marzipan Museum, right outside of Budapest, Hungary, is one of my favorites. Mátyás Szamos and Károly Szabó have created marzipan animals, Hungarian dignitaries and even a life-sized Michael Jackson which I remember from my visit to Szentendre in 1999.

  3. Peter Anton, food sculpture good enough to eat! http://peteranton.com/

  4. Crazy Happy Lunch! Brings a whole new meaning to playing with your food... http://www.justinspace.com/lunch/happylunchcover.html

  5. Jessica

    Marije Vogelzang and Proef design studio

  6. Mo

    Matt Armendariz, food photographer. http://www.mattarmendariz.com/

  7. O- Stands for original, outlandish, organic, outrageous, o so good and don't forget ORGASMIC! Thanks DfM / Executive Gelato-ologist for O-Gelato.

  8. Eat Me Daily

    Thanks everyone, winner has been selected!

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