Year-End Best-Ofs: Amazon's Best Books of 2009

amazon-best-books-2009And so the deluge begins. Hot on the heels of Publishers Weekly's list of the best book of 2009 comes Amazon's editors' take on the year in print. Frank Bruni's Born Round — which topped PW's nonfiction best-of — takes Amazon's 28 spot overall, with Momofuku hot on its heels at number 31. Michael Ruhlman's on there twice: his Ratio is 61, and at 80 there's Ad Hoc at Home (which he co-wrote with Thomas Keller).

The "Reader's Picks" section is a list of the year's hundred best-selling titles, which unsurprisingly have a high proportion of health and diet books. In terms of true cookbooks, though, the pickings are slim: the only one to crack the hundred is Lisa Lillien's food-hating Hungry Girl: 200 under 200 coming in 14th overall — and we're not sure whether the fact that it sold more than Sarah Palin's Going Rogue is a good thing or very, very bad.

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