Adult Mario: The Super Mario Bros. Emulator That Mixes Drinks Based on In-Game Performance


Alcohol, 8-bit Mario, and vibrators? Adult Mario is a cocktail robotics project for Roboexotica 2009 in Vienna by Nonpolynomial Labs that uses an emulated Super Mario Bros. NES game hooked up to a drink pouring mechanism. Kill an enemy, vodka pours in your cup. Get a coin, and coke gets poured. Whenever you die, the robot dumps water in your drink. In addition it creates an immersive experience by offering "ambient environment feedback" based on events in the game: make Mario run faster and a fan blows on your face, sliding down the flagpole gives you more vodka and triggers a vibrator. See this Flickr set for construction photos.

Then there's also Bartris, a version of Tetris that serves you a drink depending on the color makeup of the lines that you create while you play the game: Brown pieces give you Coke, grey pieces rum, and blue pieces water, so "you actually have a chance of making a drink that absolutely sucks."

Video: Adult Mario

Video: Bartris

[via The Daily What]

—Raphael Brion

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