'Almost Sunset' Photo Series by Liva Rutmane


Liva Rutmane. Left: Almost Sunset 01. Right: Almost Sunset 03.

Liva Rutmane is an art student in Riga, Latvia who sells some of her work on Etsy. She describes herself: "I like strange things, lot's of paint and everything colorful. I am amazed by popular cultures way of expression, but at the same time I am interested in underground and good books, so it doesn't go together very well, so my art is a strange mix of everything incompatible." Among her illustrations, drawings, and prints available for purchase, we were particularly impressed with her photo series "Almost Sunset" (NSFW). Signed, numbered, and dated, the prints are generously-sized at 28" x 28" and will set you back $440.00 a piece.


Liva Rutmane, "Almost Sunset 01"


Liva Rutmane, "Almost Sunset 02"


Liva Rutmane, "Almost Sunset 03"


Liva Rutmane, "Almost Sunset 04"

—Raphael Brion

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