AM Linksplodge 12/07/09


  • Above: Popsop has photos of the new 7.5 ounce, 90 calorie Coca-Cola Mini can arriving on store shelves in New York and Washington, D.C. next week. Available nationwide April 2010.
  • Chicago Gluttons is back after a little break, and nails a Hitler Downfall remix (subject: the downfall of Chicago's APART Pizza). Sample subtitles: "What kind of sick fuck would have the balls to put boiled shrimp on a pizza... I'm not eating that shrimp pizza. Not as a Bears fan. Unlike the Packers, we have self-respect. Mike Ditka. He wouldn't eat shrimp pizza.").
  • Vanity Fair interviews Danny DeVito. One of the questions: "Can you promise that every bottle of DeVito’s limoncello has been in your pants?"
  • Alton Brown is writing a book about losing 50 pounds.
  • Epic Slim Fast recall: Millions of shakes because of "bacteria that can cause moderate food poisoning."

  • Boing Boing: Taste test: raw eggs.
  • New York Magazine's Adam Platt on the decade in food, concludes that New York can claim an iconic cuisine.
  • The New Yorker on Cincinnati-style chili in New York City.
  • NYT: Christine Muhlke reviews Cleaving and The Gastronomy of Marriage: "one part chick lit mixed with one part chicken lit."
  • Wolfgang Puck on why he started his own coffee line: "I think Starbucks is doing great work, I just don’t like their coffee so I’m making my own."


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