Bacon Christmas Tree Postcards

bacon-treeMike Geno (previously interviewed here on EMD) is selling 4x6" postcards with a Christmas tree made out of strips of bacon (a "Bacon Tree") that reads, "May your holiday be wrapped in goodness," and I've got this to say about it: Bacon tastes good. It also smells pretty good, and even makes delightful noises when cooking. These Christmas cards will undoubtedly sell out because the internet has never heard of anything getting old, and, you know, bacon! A five-pack will set you back $5.




—Paula Forbes

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  1. LOL well, one things for sure. That is the most unique card I've ever seen.

  2. dav

    You can eat this card? If so, I'd hate to get one through the mail system.

  3. It says Happy Holidays on it, but shouldn't it be a Christmas card? I assume it won't work very well for those celebrating Hanukkah.

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