Sandra Lee's Nintendo Wii Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]


In this commercial with Sandra Lee shilling for the Nintendo Wii, she says: "The party's in the living room, so I've got my easy-to-make spicy fries and yummy caramel corn for a hungry crew ready for some fun. We love Nintendo's Wii Sports Resort games. Fun to play and fun to watch."

And we just had to look: Her spicy fries are in fact a real recipe, and oh dear, it's just frozen fries and taco seasoning. The caramel corn, however, is a somewhat atypical recipe for her, requiring you to actually make some caramel and not just open a jar. Either way, these are the perfect snacks to cover your Wii Remote in sticky caramel and taco seasoning.

Video: Sandra Lee Shilling for the Nintendo Wii

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—Raphael Brion

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