Cutlery Tattoos Are the New Tribal


Photograph via Consortium of Fools

Forget cupcake tattoos (No, really, can we please?). Fetishizing dining apparatus, nothing says "I'm uber-serious about what I put in my mouth" more than a cutlery tattoo. While most folks eat with forks, knives, and spoons in their hands, these people eat with them on their hands. If you're thinking about getting a tattoo, nothing says "I'm hungry" like some silverware, right? Below, a gallery of inspiration, including some celebrities (ooooh, Top Chef's Michael Voltaggio!) and a special appearance by yours truly.


Photograph by globevisions on Flickr


Photograph by Caffeine Tattoo on BME


Photograph by sylvie LS


Photograph by linecook on Flickr


Photograph via Heartthrobs & Villians


Photograph via Cupcakes and Ninjas


Michael Voltaggio. Photograph via Bravo


Michael Voltaggio. Photograph via Bravo


Photo by teriyaki tofu


Full disclosure: this is me. When I got this done four years ago, I brought the actual silverware to the tattoo artist. Photograph via City Food


Photograph by eternal_exemption


Photograph by Inkstop Tattoo


Photograph by Chesterfield Queen

-Michelle Mettler

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  1. Kat

    So Michael Voltaggio is a Death Eater?

  2. yalingster

    I am actually speechless.

  3. on one hand, i'm so excited that cutlery tattoos have an article about them. on the other, i'm not so sure that being the next tribal tattoo is all.

  4. mary

    Sorry, hardcore enthusiasts go with scarification: reaching into the oven without a mitt, cooking bacon naked, that sort of thing leaves a mark!

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