Edible Doughnut Installation: Jennifer Rubell's 'Old-Fashioned' at Art Basel Miami Beach


"Old-Fashioned," Jennifer Rubell. Photographs: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily

Jennifer Rubell, who hosts an annual breakfast at Art Basel Miami Beach, presented the edible installation "Old-Fashioned," with 1,521 donuts hung in a grid formation on an 8-foot by 60-foot wall that visually evolves as people drop by and consume them. Using doughnuts of the same name from Dunkin Donuts, they're delivered daily. "The old-fashioned, most basic way of displaying art is hanging something on a white wall,'' Rubell told the Miami Times, "I wanted to explore the very nature of an object and if it's altered in the context of art.'' On view through December 5th.


"Old-Fashioned," Jennifer Rubell. Photograph: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily


"Old-Fashioned," Jennifer Rubell. Photograph: Elizabeth Jones / Eat Me Daily

—Elizabeth Jones

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  1. People come up with some pretty interesting ideas for art! I think this interesting and visually appealing.

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