Guy Fieri's Signature Line of Sunglasses by Gatorz


From the department of inevitabilities: Guy Fieri's got NYT best-selling books, a set of knives, and a multi-city Road Show, and now he's got his very own line of sunglasses from Gatorz that feature his signature printed on the side. Priced at a surprising $169, there are two variations available: Black Frame with grey lenses, and a polish frame with chrome lenses. Now it'll be even easier for his impersonators to emulate his look.



Black Frame / Grey Lens


Polish Frame / Chrome Lens


[Gatorz via Fans of Guy Fieri]

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Nate

    Please, god, no.

  2. Vic Mantolay

    Do these come with a case? Or do you just have to wear them on your neck?

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