Jamie Oliver: Kids Should Work For Skateboards, Breakdancing Outfits, Ghetto Blasters


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Jamie Oliver is to appear on Nightline tonight, and he talked about food and kids and the value of a dollar (pound), revealing the following awesome things about himself:

  • As a young teen Oliver worked in his family's restaurant: "so like an 11, 12, 13-year-old, you know, I'd be earning, I'd be earning $2 an hour but I used to do a lot of hours. You know I used to be doing about 50 hours a week so I'd be walking around in brand new Nikes, Adidas track suit tops, and then I would go breakdancing, I would have the old ghetto blaster..."

  • Kids are "little shits" who should work for money.
  • When his kids asked him to buy them a skateboard, Oliver decided they had to work for it, and so he made them memorize 30 herbs from his garden. Upon realizing that it was too easy, he amended the challenge to include a blind taste test. The kids passed.
  • And he wants every person responsible for serving kids unhealthy meals at schools fired: "For the last 40 years, people ... entrusted with a lot of responsibility to make good decisions, for say, our kids at school ... have all been idiots."

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Ellen

    Heh. I like this. My son would too. But then my son always worked to buy his skateboards.

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