Linksplodge 11/03/09


  • Above: A spread from Typographic Conundrums by Harry Pearce (preorder on Amazon). See more in a slideshow at Wallpaper.
  • The New York Post's Page Six Magazine takes a look at Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo (portmanteaud as "Sandrew"), obtaining an "unpublished interview" in which she says "I can certainly be part of the socialite group and walk those carpets every day, but I choose not to because I prefer to be grounded. You can't be at home and on the red carpet." Long. Also there's a piece on Padma Lakshmi.
  • Jezebel: Tyra Banks teaches Cookie Monster to "smize."
  • These concept videos showing a Sports Illustrated in a digital tablet form have been buzzing online today. While it suggests a digital future for magazines, something about it seems rooted too closely to the print format.
  • Potato chip lover changes his name to Mr Monster Munch. [via Coldmud]


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