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  1. Gregg

    "The Big Money affirms that there is indeed a pumpkin shortage."

    So, is linking to another website that corrects your errors the same as admitting you made an error?

    I know we're just talking canned pumpkin here, but when an error is made by your staff, your staff ought to stand up and admit it.

      • Gregg

        Not to put too fine a point on it, but "updated" is not the same thing as "corrected"...

        If I did in print what you did on-line, I'd be taken to task from inside and outside my organization. At best I'd be reprimanded for printing unsubstantiated assumptions as facts; at worst my employer could fire me for exposing the company to risk of a libel lawsuit.

        Again, I recognize that we're not talking national security here. But suggesting--actually, not suggesting but accusing--a company of inventing a cover story and creating an artificial shortage of product just to justify slightly raised prices and stimulate demand solely on the basis of evidence of unsold product in one location (the pile of cans at "Andronico's Market in San Francisco, CA") and "from personal random supermarket research in Brooklyn" seems, and you'll have to forgive me for being rude here, but it seems pretty weak reporting.

        One is tempted to accuse the writer of the original blog entry (I gather that is you, Raphael) of randomly selecting a corporate target (especially one owned by a foreign company that probably won't bother to respond to your accusations even if it notices them) and accusing them of malfeasance just so you can get in a few cheap one-liners and make an otherwise dull news item seem more interesting.

      • Father Abraham

        Come on, Gregg. I don't think anyone wants to get in a point-by-point about this (or wants to read it) but I think you're overreacting to something that was a legit error. My supermarket (Chicago area) had shelves and shelves of pumpkin, right next to a sign about the shortage, and I admit I had hoaxy thoughts myself. Maybe the post could've been worded more carefully, sure. But you're taking more words to tear it apart than it put forward in the first place.

        But what do I know. I'm pretty sure my personal ethics aren't up to your standards, so you'll probably dismiss whatever I have to say, also.

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