Linksplodge 12/02/09


  • Above: A Dutch Porsche dealership covered a 997 Carrera S in milk chocolate as a promotional stunt for the holidays. [via Presurfer]
  • Steve Cuozzo blames bloggers for the removal of tablecloths and the "infantilization of dining in the name of 'informality'."
  • PETA was classified as a "terrorist threat" by the USDA in forms sent to to animal experimentation facilities.

  • Mister Softee trucks converted to Mister Soup trucks for the winter.
  • Urlesque: Strip of Meat Nude Male Caterers in New Zealand.
  • Daily Beast talks to Jamie Oliver about his upcoming show: "I didn’t even bother to go to the Food Network. I actually pitched it to ABC and CBS by saying ‘Do you dare show this type of a program?"
  • Credit to the New York Post for their headline to the Julie Powell interview: "Desperate houseknives."


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