Linksplodge 12/04/09


  • Above, from the memetastic pancake art blog: The Pancake Project.
  • Anne Burrell being sued for discrimination. [via Eater NY]
  • In New York City, a two dollar cup of coffee is a recession special. [via copyranter]
  • On the news that Gordon Ramsay is backing out of New York City (and licensing the brand to the hotel that houses the restaurant), Tim Hayward suggests that "Ramsay the global business empire seems to now have run its course." And then he compares Ramsay to the Swedish Chef, another "internationally recognised bloke in a white tunic with an amusing line in garbled expletives and arm waving."

  • Wired Science: Controversial signs of mass cannibalism found at a settlement in what is now southern Germany, around 7,000 years ago.
  • The Tracy Awards, the awards show "created to honor the worst of the worst in advertising," offers what their judges think have "helped lower the bar in the world of advertising creativity and execution." [via Ad Age]
  • Critics are upset over PETA's latest ad featuring model Joanna Krupa naked save for a crucifix, calling it "exploitative of Christian symbols." PETA replies: "The Catholic Church has a long history of depicting their angels in the buff, so what gives?"
  • Designboom: 5.5 Designers: 'Guide to Free Farming' Project.
  • Serious Eats: The Food Lab on resting meats.


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