Linksplodge 12/14/09


  • Above, 1970s Ting soda cans. Photo by Roadside pictures.
  • Radio 4's 28 minute "Food and Art" program is worth a listen. [via @tresjoliestudio]
  • Martha Stewart gives a woman a full set of kitchen appliances after her home is destroyed in a fire, including a juicer and an ice cream maker. The woman doesn't even have a kitchen, but she will not be eating any of that crappy store-bought ice cream.
  • Grub Street has the inside scoop on Anthony Bourdain's new Kitchen Confidential sequel, Medium Raw.
  • The Dark Corporate Lord of Agriculture, Monsanto, has been messing with its competitors and trying to squash smaller seed companies, and the Department of Justice isn't too pleased about it. [via boingboing]

  • In case you are in Chicago, freezing, and in need of matzo ball soup that "tastes like The Colonel's bathwater," the Chicago Gluttons are willing to help you out.
  • "Famous" Wally Amos, who sold his chocolate chip cookie brand to Kellogg's in the mid-90s, has a new brand of cookies on the market — and Kellogg's won't let him use his name to sell them.
  • Yet another food-related flow chart. This one helps you pick a beer.
  • Some interesting ads from McDonald's from all over the world. [via Coldmud]
  • Food & Wine sent Frank Bruni to Le Bernardin to act like a jerk, but the end result is dark and humorless.
  • Important deer hunting facts from meat fanatic/chef Julia Jaksic.


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