Linksplodge 12/23/09


  • Above, the Subway sandwich shop on a crane that will "be elevated higher and higher until it reaches the 105th floor" during construction of the Freedom Tower. Photo: AP via Gothamist.
  • USA Today calls safety of food at airports "spotty." [via Coldmud]
  • Nigel Slater on lists his "Top Cookery Books of All Time."

  • David Chang clarifies to The Boston Globe "reports that he hoped someone would throw Food Network host Guy Fieri down a stairwell, Chang says only that it should be done 'head first.'"
  • A Hamburger Today: The Mc'Swingin', aka the Angus McGangbang, using Angus burgers instead of a double cheeseburger.
  • A video infomercial for This Is Why You're Fat.
  • Sarah Moulton lists her best cookbooks of 2009. (Note the formatting of ABC/Good Morning America's website leaves a lot to be desired: The third page is literally two sentences.


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