McRib Commercial 1989 [caption contest]


As if the visuals weren't creepy enough, the voiceover on this McDonald's McRib commercial from 1989 says: "A big slice of pork in a sassy sauce, tempting huh? Like a barbecue in a bun without the bones. And with a big icy Coke, well, you're only human, huh daddy? CHOMP."

We're doing a caption contest on this one: Best caption (our pick) gets you a copy of Michael Symon's Cook to Live, with or without the dustjacket.

Rules: US only (sorry), use your real email address in the comment field or we'll give it to someone else, contest ends Sunday December 6th, 10PM.

Video: McRib Commercial 1989

—Raphael Brion

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  1. eug

    It's not cheating if there are no bones.

  2. 10001

    Not only do I dislike my wife's cooking but I hate my kids too. No McDonald's for them!

  3. Kelly at Crock Tease

    The only thing hotter than my big 'stache is my big 'stache dripping with the tangy flavor of BBQ sauce.

  4. Karriet

    "Mom told us you're not our daddy. Chomp away - we've changed the locks"

  5. Liz

    "Dad, hurry up --Love Boat's coming on. And Mom made tofu loaf. Dad...? "

  6. David

    "Pork Sandwich Patty. Come on home to daddy. Chomp. Chomp. Chomp." (To the tune of Tony Joe White's "Polk Salad Annie"...he's the voiceover)

  7. Serge Rubinstein

    "Daddy's hoggin' the McRib again!"

  8. Kevin

    "Fine I'll come in but I'm gonna be farting so much you'll be wishing I stayed in the car!"

  9. Theresa

    And this is what happens when the McDonald's Marketing Staff gets lost on the way to the Fast Food Advertising Convention and ends up at "Adult Film Expo 1989."

  10. TitusHotweather

    "No one has to know about our secret rendezvous, McRib....Oh no! they're watching us! Quick! Hide in my mouth!"

  11. HCC

    "Boy am I glad I don't play golf."

  12. Mustachioed Hero: Fools... The McRib was merely a decoy. I have a McLobster waiting for me in the trunk. (Evil laugh)

    Medicated Elvis Narrator: A boneless lobster substitute in sassy sauce on a bun. Huh, craw-daddy? Chomp indeed!

  13. Frank Wofford

    I only wish my first family tasted this good. Thanks McDonalds!

  14. TitusHotweather

    whoever won this, btw?

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