Melty Chocolate Phone from Japan Looks Good Enough To Eat


The NTT Docomo Melty Chocolate phone is waterproof, has an eight-megapixel camera, digital TV tuner, etc, but it's the design of the phone, made to look like a melting bar of chocolate, that makes it impressive. Even the menus and default wallpaper on the phone are "chocolate-themed." It's a collaboration between Sharp and Q-Pot, the Tokyo-based accessory brand founded by the designer Wakamatsu Tadaaki that makes pastry-inspired jewelry and accessories. In addition, the phone has a whole series of optional straps that look like cupcakes and macarons. His and hers! Japan-only, duh.




Video: Sharp Chocolate Phone

[Akihabara News via Gizmodo]

—Raphael Brion

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  1. Dang. Now I want both some chocolate and this phone. I wonder if some unlocked versions will make the way over here to the US. Why does Japan get all the cool tech!

  2. jane

    i want this! agreed, why does japan get all the good tech? other countries' mobile phone companies should also design such phones (or other electronic devices) that have high performance and that look nice.

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