NYC Department of Health Anti-Soda Video Is Truly Horrifying


The New York City Department of Health released the following commercial on YouTube, and it's one of the grossest things we've ever seen (and we see a lot). The print ads of human fat pouring out of bottles are nothing compared to this horrific display. Forget attempts to educate or encourage good behavior, no, the best solution is to just scare and gross people out.

Video: Man Drinking Fat. NYC Health Anti-Soda Ad. Are You Pouring on the Pounds?

[WCBSTV via Animal]

—Raphael Brion

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  1. 10001

    Tax dollars at work! I'm going to drink two Cokes now.

  2. Jen

    That is so disturbing.

  3. Yeah, I was drinking Pepsi as I watched this. And, if anything, this commercial makes me want to drink even more of it out if spite.

  4. Apparently they weren't aware of all those reality TV shows out there that totally grossed us out with bizarre food challenges. That and who trusts their government anymore?

  5. Ellen

    Why are they shilling lowfat milk then? That's loaded with sugar, and sugar that many of us cannot digest.

  6. Doc

    Odd, but when I switched from diet sodas to those sweetened with sugar I didn't gain any weight - in spite of adding up to 600 cal/day to my diet.

  7. Doc

    Then I switched from sodas to water, cutting up to 600 calories a day from my diet, and I didn't lose any weight.

  8. I think it's great, mostly. The connection between soda and/or sugar and weight gain is lost on a lot of people. Low-fat milk isn't 'loaded with sugar' though I agree that it does not need to be included in this ad.

  9. Bandujo Advertising + NYC Health
    A Partnership Disgusting New Yorkers

    Why not use the advertising money to open more parks or physical activity/exercise programs for New Yorkers?

  10. What is even more disturbing is the ignorance of these comments. As a nutritionist, this advertisement is right on in regards to one of the main reasons 30% of all Americans are obese. We shouldn't drink our calories! Don't be spiteful just because someone is telling you that your precious softdrink is not healthy. It's not!!! Water and green tea are better choices.

  11. rightclue

    It is not the soda.

    Rather, it is the EXCESSIVE soda consumption (some people drink soda as a water substitute) combined with the complete lack of exercise.

  12. CPRMichael

    That's why I drink beer!
    Seriously, there are the the equivalent of ~9 spoonfuls of sugar in every soda, and though there is more sugar in juices, few of us drink multiple 12 ounce glasses of juice each day. Water and flavored water are so easy to substitute. Just squeeze a slice of lemon, lime, orange or ? in to your water bottle if you want more flavor, than plain H2O.

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