Offal of the Week: The End of the Road


Offal sampler platter. Photograph: Ryan Adams / Eat Me Daily

Every Friday, we bring you Offal of the Week: an up-close and personal look at one of the less-familiar parts of the animal. Delivered fresh by Ryan Adams of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, we highlight a different cut of meat that you've always wanted to make, but were afraid to ask your butcher for. This week: goodbye.

They say all good things must come to an end, and, while I hate to sully your holiday cheer with bad news, the time has come for Offal of the Week to retire. Due to the fact that we've covered pretty much every type of offal available (with two notable exceptions: animal fetuses and genitalia, about which there is very little information that I want to share), this will be the last Offal of the Week update. But don't fret, dear readers! In the new year I'll be starting a new column in this space, one that I'm really excited about, details of which will be announced soon. In the meantime, I leave you with these words, and some of my favorite OOTW posts:

Back when I first started working my way through Chef Fergus Henderson's cookbook, The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating (Amazon), I had my fears. The idea of eating brains and tripe and guts turned my stomach something fierce. But having taken that plunge, I now know that there is much, much goodness to be found in those bits that many folks discard without a second thought.

This is my plea to you: Go find yourself some expertly prepared offal and take that leap of faith. If you're in San Francisco, head to Incanto. If you're in New York, make a beeline to Babbo. Next time you find yourself at the taco truck, order the lengua (tongue) tacos. When you go out for dim sum, say yes when the waiter offers you Phoenix Claws (chicken feet). Not only will you be expanding your palate and your culinary experiences, but you might just find something you really, really enjoy.

It has been a truly great experience exploring the world of offal with all of you, and I can't wait 'til you see what new adventures I have lined up. For now, I leave now with these words of wisdom from one of my personal heroes, Timer, of 70s Saturday morning cartoon fame: "Don't knock it till you try it, put a little on your plate, don't make a face before you taste it, some kids think it's great!"

Ryan's Favorite OOTW Posts

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  1. Denise

    This has been one of my favorite EMD features for a long time. I was wondering where it had gone. Thank you Ryan for such a great series of posts! Thanks to you I got over my fear of trying offal in restaurants, even though I still don't have the nerve to cook it at home.

  2. Denise, you just made all of the writing and the effort worth it. That's all I wanted to accomplish: removing that fear in just one person.

    Thank you so much.

  3. art

    The posting may have ceased but all of your hard work and dedication will be out there for many more people to discover and enjoy.

    Can't wait to see what's on the horizon!

  4. Ryan, I'm sad to see the last of your informative and interesting feature, but am so glad you're going to get another venue at EMD! Can't wait to hear about it!

  5. I wonder why the author draws the line at fetuses and genitalia? Surely any discussion about eating animal entrails and extremities (not as necessity, but as kitsch, which is what the current nose-to-tail ethos is) has long ago left ethics and good taste (and good taste) behind.

  6. Thanks for all of the great posts.
    Although we'd love to see more, I feel good that I can finally print them all out into that "Offal of the Week" binder I've been wanting to put together.

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