Out Now: Julie & Julia on DVD and Blu-ray; Also The Way To Cook on DVD


Julie & Julia was released today on DVD ($9.99 at Amazon) and Blu-ray ($25.99 at Amazon). Please to note! The standard DVD skimps on the features, only including a commentary track and a behind-the-scenes featurette. The Blu-ray disc, however, contains a bevy of features, including the featurette “Julia’s Kitchen” that chronicles how the Smithsonian Museum acquired Child’s kitchen; cooking lessons from Julia Child, Jacques Pépin, and Suzanne Goin; and the featurette "Family and Friends Remember Julia Child." Also, recipes that you can email while you're watching the film? Fancy!

Apparently Target is selling an "exclusive" two-disc Deluxe Edition (out of stock online at the moment) that includes the 90-minute documentary Julia Child's Kitchen Wisdom which isn't very much of an exclusive since Amazon sells it separately (for $17.99).

Also yesterday, released for the first time ever on DVD (complete with 96-page recipe booklet) is Julia Child's The Way To Cook ($18.49 at Amazon), the six-part television series originally produced in 1985.

—Raphael Brion

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