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Linksplodge 12/18/09

Above, Madonna pretending to wash dishes in new Dolce & Gabbana ads. Stefano Gabbana spoke to Vanity Fair about the campaign for a feature story:
When asked as to whether Madonna knows how to wash dishes, Stefano Gabbana replies "Certainly ... she's a very practical woman ... " And does she actually eat spaghetti despite [...]

'Uncle Jello' by Nouar

"Uncle Jello" by Nouar. Photograph via Corey Helford Gallery
Currently on display at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA is "The Multiplane Group Show" which includes the piece "Uncle Jello" by the artist Nouar (previously profiled on EMD). She also posted some great behind-the-scenes shots on her blog revealing the process in making it, [...]

Blog-to-Book Deal: Big Girls, Small Kitchen

Even though we're not included on their extensive blogroll (whatever, see if we invite you to one of our birthday parties), we are pleased to report yet another blog-to-book deal: Cara Eisenpress and Phoebe Lapin of Big Girls, Small Kitchen have been tapped by Harper Studio to write Cara & Phoebe's Quarter-Life Kitchen, which Publisher's [...]

David Letterman Drives the $25,000 Cupcake Car, Attempts to Destroy Christmas Tree [video]

Last night on The Late Show With David Letterman, Letterman got a chance to test-drive a $25,000 four-foot by four-foot chocolate cupcake car. "If you buy it, it comes with a helmet that reads [bleep]." Once he got the hang of it, he went on a destructive rampage, using the cupcake car to repeatedly slam [...]

New Yorker Caption Contest: Crazed Murderous Chefs + Naked Bassist + Fish on the Ground = ???

The caption contest using the above cartoon from this week's New Yorker, #221 with a drawing by Tom Cheney, is tough! There are a lot of things going on here.

Offal of the Week: The End of the Road

Offal sampler platter. Photograph: Ryan Adams / Eat Me Daily
Every Friday, we bring you Offal of the Week: an up-close and personal look at one of the less-familiar parts of the animal. Delivered fresh by Ryan Adams of the blog Nose to Tail at Home, we highlight a different cut of meat that you've always [...]

Molecular Mixologist Claire Smith on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien [video]

Last night on The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien, the Molecular Mixologist Claire Smith paid a visit to teach Conan how to mix some drinks. As expected, hilarity ensues. Conan starts the show by asking the tough questions:
Conan: "So you have actual knowledge of chemistry, is that right?"
Claire: "Well, knowledge, yes, kind of."
Conan: "You just [...]

Jersey Shore: Lighting Charcoal in a Gas Grill Is a Bad Idea [fire safety tips]

From last week's episode of MTV's Jersery Shore: Mike ("The Situation") Sorrentino is cooking up a big family dinner and asks Pauly D to fire up the grill, who then lights charcoal in the gas grill. Bad idea: "Yeah this is a problem right now. We could possibly blow up right now." They're lucky there [...]

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