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Fox's Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live [video]

Last night, the be-flanneled, bleached-blond, and botox-injected Gordon Ramsay, chairman of an imploding restaurant franchise, hosted the special Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live on Fox, an American reworking of the much tamer British Cookalong concept (where all Ramsay really did was stand alone in a kitchen, telling you what to do). And stateside, we do things [...]

BEEF!: A German Food Magazine Aimed at Men

BEEF! is a new German food magazine aimed at men. (Don't confuse it with the American magazine Sheep!.) We'll let them describe themselves:
BEEF! is for men who are interested in recipes –as well as Tokyo's tuna market, the sharpness of knives and the water pressure in their espresso machine. For men who find noodles [...]

Out Now: Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone App

Michael Ruhlman's Ratio iPhone app is now available on the iTunes store at a highly reasonable $4.99. Now you can wield the the "32 critical ratios" that "form the backbone of the culinary arts, with instructions" and convert ounces to grams (and presumably back again) wherever you go.

Linksplodge 12/15/09

Above: Five star Crockery by Judith Montens, ceramic pieces inspired by car crashes. [via Urlesque]
NYU will receive Gourmet's cookbook collection of 3500 volumes, thanks to a donation of $14,000 from cookbook author Rozanne Gold. At $4/book, not a bad deal!
A British pie-eating competition has been wracked with controversy: gravy has been banned (this is the [...]

Rachael Ray Nude Painting by Alex Gardega on eBay

"Birth of Rachael Ray," Alex Gardega.
Up for auction on eBay is the "nude classical portrait" painting entitled "Birth of Rachael Ray" by the New York City-based artist Alex Gardega who says, "There is no Irony here, No snarky modernism." Bidding ends December 25, 2009. Or you can own the painting with the buy-it-now [...]

Bacon Christmas Ornaments Put the Oink Back in Christmas

Here's a great way to dress up the old Christmas tree: Bacon Christmas Ornaments ($12.00 for 6 on Etsy, with hooks). Unfortunately, the seller can't guarantee Christmas delivery if you order it now... but there's always next year! Or maybe it will be a Christmas miracle and you'll get them on time.

Jamie Oliver: Kids Should Work For Skateboards, Breakdancing Outfits, Ghetto Blasters

Photo composite: Eat Me Daily
Jamie Oliver is to appear on Nightline tonight, and he talked about food and kids and the value of a dollar (pound), revealing the following awesome things about himself:

As a young teen Oliver worked in his family's restaurant: "so like an 11, 12, 13-year-old, you know, I'd be earning, I'd be [...]

Hanukkah Cupcake Menorah

Another epic crossover event! It's not only National Cupcake Day but also Hanukkah (this must not happen often). And in that spirit, King Arthur Flour posted a recipe/how-to for a cupcake menorah. Amusingly, they consult a rabbi who suggests creating fun menorahs with your kids and "pulls out a menorah that his family made [...]

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