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TLC's Little Chocolatiers [epic television crossovers]

Premiering December 21st on TLC is Little Chocolatiers, a one-hour special featuring Steve Hatch and Katie Masterson, the husband and wife team behind Salt Lake City's Hatch Family Chocolates. During the premiere, "not only need to produce 600 chocolate dice for a casino night party -- they're asked to build a life-sized, all chocolate flower [...]

Finagle a Bagel Webisodes

These webisodes by Mason Street Creative for Finagle a Bagel, the Boston-based bagel chain and frozen bagel manufacturer, feature the guys working in the bakery, and they're surprisingly very funny. Standouts include "Action Figures" and "Inner Thoughts," in which the guys have silent, psychic arguments with each other over who exactly invented the bagel.
And then [...]

Linksplodge 12/14/09

Above, 1970s Ting soda cans. Photo by Roadside pictures.
Radio 4's 28 minute "Food and Art" program is worth a listen. [via @tresjoliestudio]
Martha Stewart gives a woman a full set of kitchen appliances after her home is destroyed in a fire, including a juicer and an ice cream maker. The woman doesn't even have a kitchen, [...]

Fire & Knives: Print, Resurgent

Fire & Knives. Photograph: Raphael Brion/Eat Me Daily
We recently received issue number one of Fire & Knives, a new print quarterly of "new writing about food" out of the UK. In their own words: "We give established writers a place for work that would not be published elsewhere; new writers a place to show [...]

NYC Department of Health Anti-Soda Video Is Truly Horrifying

The New York City Department of Health released the following commercial on YouTube, and it's one of the grossest things we've ever seen (and we see a lot). The print ads of human fat pouring out of bottles are nothing compared to this horrific display. Forget attempts to educate or encourage good behavior, no, the [...]

Sushi-Making Machines Make the Perfect Gift

Is there someone on your holiday gift list who's notoriously hard to shop for? Perhaps s/he might enjoy these Japanese sushi-making machines, which are from the future! Created by the Tokyo-based corporation AUTEC, the machines are marketed towards high-volume outlets such as college cafeterias, but for a mere $10,000 to $20,000, how can you deny [...]

Will People Actually Cook Along With Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live?

Tuesday night, Fox is airing Gordon Ramsay: Cookalong Live, a reprise of a Channel 4 series from last year in the UK. The premise of the show: Ramsay cooks a three-course meal in an hour, live, with viewers ostensibly "cooking along." To participate, you're expected to have a whole list of ingredients and equipment on [...]

The Big McSausage Egg Surf & Turf Mac

Photograph via Eating the Road
From Eating the Road comes the The Big McSausage Egg Surf & Turf Mac sandwich composed of a Big Mac, Filet o Fish patty, McChicken patty, McMuffin egg & sausage patty that clocks in at $7.71 and 1,730 calories. The tricky part (we love this) is that since the sandwich combines [...]

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