Peter Norton Family Christmas Art Projects at the MoMA Design Store


This Christmas is the 22nd anniversary of the Peter Norton Christmas Project, a series of limited-edition artworks once only available to those on the software pioneer's personal Nice list (see a 2005 NYT writeup for more info). Commissioned to make contemporary art more accessible, the artists' creations were unavailable to the general public until this year when Norton donated the remainder of his ungifted presents to MoMA's Design Store, with proceeds benefiting PS1. Works over the years have taken on the form of everything from condoms to music boxes, with three editions focusing on food and drink.


Above: Untitled (Four Napkins): An early edition, May Sun's napkins are silkscreened with images and inspirational quotes from historic spiritual leaders. 1990.


Above: III (Three Wishbones in a Wood Box): Lorna Simpson's wishbones come in unyielding rubber and bronze as well as more fragile ceramic reminding the recipient to be careful what they wish for. 1994.


Above: Teacup: Robert Lazzarini's designed this distorted but still functional porcelain teacup and spoon. 2003.

—Adam Robb

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