Pizza Pit's Creepy 'Let It Snow' Commercial [video, wtf-xmas]


Ladies and gentlemen, I wish to present to you the 1970s "Let It Snow" Pizza Pit commercial from Madison, Wisconsin. Yes, this probably cost about $50 to make. Yes, that is a toy pizza delivery car. Yes, that snow is flour. Yes, the children singing are a little creepy, especially at the end, when they laugh. And yet this has been airing every Christmas in my hometown my entire life. Enjoy.

Video: Pizza Pit's 'Let It Snow' Commercial

—Paula Forbes

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  1. Nate

    That's just awesome. I will always associate Pizza Pit with my summers spent in Madison growing up.

  2. Classic. Actually, we just ordered from them last night. I haven't seen it yet this year, but I have faith I'll see it soon.

  3. geoff

    this commercial was made in a contest between the madison pizza pit locations . . . the budget limit was like $25 or something rediculous... pretty fun and oh so catchy!

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