Please Explain the 'Potato Chip' Skit from Saturday Night Live

snl-potato-chipWe've watched this a few times now, and we can't make sense of this "Potato Chip" skit from this weekend's Saturday Night Live. Jason Sudeikis playing a Colonel Sanders-type? Applying to be an astronaut so he could "dance around the moon in a puffy suit" and drink Tang? Was it just so he and Will Forte could yell a lot? Also, it's six minutes long.

Video: SNL Potato Chip

—Raphael Brion

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  1. it's absurdist and silly. that's all.

  2. Do not try to understand SNL. It could lead to a hemorrhage.

  3. Jerry from Montana

    I agree with Danny. Absurdist surrealist melodrama with weird southern characters.

  4. So it's not referencing some obscure movie or tv show? Also, is it funny?

  5. Jerry from Montana

    I don't believe it's referencing anything. Is it funny? Hahaha. Well, I think so. But I like comic strips like The Far Side and Non Sequitur.

    It's just silly.

  6. Rob

    Sort of funny, but more absurdist than anything else. I see shades of UCB or the State alums in it.

  7. Emily

    It reminded me of something the Kids in the Hall would have done, although this was more sloppily executed.

  8. O_Canada

    It was hilarious!! It's what has been missing from SNL for 25 years. Apart from being funny, it made people think about what they just saw. Refreshing if you ask me. As for making sense...the guy broke the rules and got kicked out of NASA. Simple.
    More skits like that Lorne!

  9. No. Not funny. Just yelling is not funny. Exaggerated accents are usually not funny. And dressing up like Colonel Sanders, well, okay, that could have been funny. And putting all of those things togehter in one sketch is certainly not funny. You need JOKES, people. Funny accents and goofy costumes do not make comedy by themselves.

    This sketch was NOT FUNNY. Just loud and annoying. There was a reason why it was the LAST SKETCH on the show. That's the death slot, where bad sketches go to die.

    Put me in the mind of the Phil Hartman/Jan Hooks "Peeping Tom" sketch or the Jerry Hall/Randy Quaid "sore toe" sketch from '86, both 12:55 sketches. Both not funny and both head scratching. Okay, I'm showing my age now with those ancient references. But they were also maddeningly bad scripts.

    But this disaster reminded me of a bad improv routine that somebody wrote down and tried to turn into a real comedy piece, and it just didn't fly. Just a poor concept. Must have made someone laugh though.

  10. battlefrog

    "Must have made someone laugh though."

    That would be me. The skit was awesome. I'll admit, the first time I watched it, I was just bewildered and thought it was downright strange. But after multiple viewings, it just gets better and better.

    Will Forte is absolutely amazing. It's as if the guy spent a week getting into character, JUST FOR THIS SKIT. Also, I think Blake Lively did a great job. I don't really even know who she is, but I was impressed.

    Best line: "Because they're hungry, Jinelda. Because they're hungry."

    Either you get it, or you don't. It's impossible to explain. But multiple viewings does help.

  11. Marshall

    Who cares what it's about? If you liked it, good. If not, well, you must be one of those people who were asleep by then anyway.

    It's a beautiful Second Cityesque goofball rant. A five minute long prologue to someone puking in someone else's hand...It's like the sketch of the family with no saliva glands from a few years back: if you're not willing to let someone puke in your hand, or pre-chew your food for you, you're not ready to do SNL.

    Sudeikis and Forte are just demonstrating that they have what it takes to go as far as they have to to make people laugh. This sketch just made them my heroes.

  12. Sherice

    I guess he couldn't trust him after he left the room. That's the first thing he notice was the potatoe chip bowl was moved.

    There is nothing to get! Funny! No, I don't think so

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